Friday Finds #001 // The Newbie edition

My good friend Hana is a blogging queen, and I, alas, am not.

However, I’m in awe of her Friday Finds posts, and am regularly finding odd but interesting nuggets on the internet, so welcome to my Friday mind dump of weird things I’ve found during the week.

  1. Think you know your hurricanes from your hurricane-force winds? The Voice of Young Science’s weather quiz ‘Haven’t the foggiest’ is purely magnificent, and I especially enjoy the punny title…
  2. Is there a building that you walk past everyday and think ‘I wonder what that stone is’ or notice the fossils or beautiful crystals? Well here’s your chance to know more about it with London Pavement Geology
  3. The latest class of NASA astronauts is 50% female!
  4. I spent a lunch break in the new Human Evolution gallery at the Natural History Museum and it’s beautifully done, well worth a visit.
  5. Azteca tequila bar in Chelsea – £4 cocktails in happy hour #winning

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