Longitude Prize 2014: Have YOUR say in the future of Science

After spending months cooped up studying for my final exams, I ventured onto twitter and discovered a whirl wind of excitement surrounding the ‘Longitude Prize 2014’. Science communicators were very excited about this amazing opportunity, so clearly I had to find out why.

The Longitude Prize 2014 Launch.
The Longitude Prize 2014 Launch.

The Longitude Prize is a challenge to encourage inventors and scientists to find solutions to six key problems facing the world; Dementia, Flight (creating carbon-neutral air travel), Food, Paralysis, Water and Antibiotics.

The prize is a staggering £10 million, and it’s up to the public to vote and decide what topic will get the opportunity to fight for the prize money.

This prize is run and developed by Nesta with the Technology Strategy Board. It was created to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the real Longitude Prize, which was talking a major problem and aimed to invent a clock which could keep time at sea, and so this year’s Longitude Prize tackles six of the world’s largest problems.

Horizon dedicated a whole show to this great event, and produced a fantastic documentary, describing why each of the topics has been chosen and why they deserve your vote.

Vote online at the BBC Horizon website, or by text (text your topic name to 60011) Join the discussion on twitter #LongitudePrize

Voting closes at 7.10pm on 25th June. Don’t miss your opportunity to sculpt the future of Science.

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